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CSUF’s New Data Governance and Survey Permission Request

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CSUF’s Data Governance Guidelines are intended to provide a clear, consistent, and coordinated approach to data integrity, security, and use. The guidelines define roles and responsibilities for data collection, access, storage, security, and destruction, and establish clear lines of accountability. Additionally, the guidelines develop best practices for data management and security and establish the Institutional Data Governance Committee (IDGC). Last, the guidelines introduced the campus’s Data Request Form and Survey Permissions Request, two key data processes managed through the Office of Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness (OAIE).

The university provides access to several types of data for university and public use through the OAIE dashboards. 

  • Aggregated data about CSUF students, faculty, and staff are available through the public dashboards.
  • CSUF-only dashboards, which provide additional and more disaggregated data, are available to CSUF faculty and staff only via the university Tableau Server website.

Data not available via the dashboards can be requested through the Data Request Form. The form is reviewed and routed to the appropriate Data Stewards/Custodians for processing. Since the Data Request Form’s implementation in late 2021, a total of 73 requests have been received, with an average completion time of 7 days. About 74% of requests were completed in less than 7 days.

Surveys are also an essential means for collecting information to support and assure educational quality, enhance institutional effectiveness, and improve the student experience. To complement the data governance guidelines, CSUF’s Survey Guidelines and Survey Permissions Request Process are intended to help survey administrators be thoughtful stewards of campus constituents’ time and effort, reduce survey fatigue, evaluate and prioritize requests that seek access to students, employees, or alumni for data collection purposes, and encourage collaboration among researchers and practitioners on the use of existing data. Since its implementation, 12 surveys have been approved and posted on the survey calendar

CSUF launched its first university Data Governance Guidelines, the centralized Data Request Form, and the Survey Permissions Request in late 2021. For more information, visit CSUF’s Data Governance website or contact OAIE by emailing or calling x2593.

Deanna Gomez