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Digital Ethnic Futures Initiative Hosts Python Workshops for Humanities Researchers

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Cal State Fullerton’s Digital Ethnic Future’s Initiative, also known as DEFCon, will host two Python workshops this summer that are designed for humanities researchers. These workshops are a significant step forward in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the tech world by focusing on humanities datasets and DEI-related queries.

Participants will have the opportunity to explore Python, a free, open source, versatile programming language that’s beginner friendly and heavily used across multiple disciplines and industries. The workshops will empower researchers to investigate specific research questions or projects within the Python environment.

Each workshop will be a full day event with participants receiving a $100 professional development stipend upon completion and post-event evaluation. The first workshop was held in person on June 22, and the next workshop will be held online on Aug. 10.

“The workshops are part of our effort to develop a new humanities computing curriculum for The Carpentries program,” said David Palmquist, an analyst programmer at CSUF and certified software carpentry instructor. “We’re thrilled to invite participants to imagine the possibilities of Python for their research.”

The DEFCon team aims to facilitate accessibility and inclusivity. All participants, regardless of their prior knowledge of Python or coding experience, are welcomed. Assistance will be provided to install the Python computing environment on participants’ laptops at the start of the workshop.

“These workshops are not just about learning Python. They’re about making coding more inclusive and accessible to all, particularly in the humanities where it’s often overlooked,” said the DEFCon team.

For more information about the workshops or to register, visit CSUF DEFCon’s website.

Jamila Moore Pewu