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Get to Know EIP: Meet Danielle and Kathleen

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Cal State Fullerton Extension and International Programs (EIP) is a team that is dedicated to meeting the professional and educational needs of CSUF, the surrounding Southern California community, and the global workforce.

EIP offers numerous resources for every stage of life, including online degree completion, professional development certificates, flexible master’s programs, active senior programs, study abroad and exchange programs, a fully accredited arboretum, and more.

This month, we’re getting to know EIP employees Danielle Majam-Finch and Kathleen Disché!

Meet Danielle!

  • Where are you from? California native, born and raised. My parents immigrated from the Philippines in the late 1960s.
  • What’s your position title? Coordinator and advisor for the BA in Humanities & Social Sciences Online Degree Completion Program.
  • Tell us a little more about what you do for EIP. I have the best of both worlds, working both administratively as well as being student-facing. I work alongside the College of Humanities & Social Sciences to curate a cohort curriculum for students choosing an online degree. In my position, I advise prospective students on the program, and if it’s a good fit, I advise them on the application process. I also advise current students on their study plan as well as career goals as they work to complete their degree.
  • What is the best place that you’ve traveled to? I had the privilege of living and traveling throughout Japan for a couple of years. Japan is just beautiful — its environment, its culture, and its people.

Meet Kathleen!

  • Where are you from? I grew up in Fullerton. I’ve lived in Orange County most of my life, until moving to La Mirada (LA County) a few years ago. 
  • What’s your position title? Academic operations analyst.
  • Tell us a little more about what you do for EIP. I lead a team that provides operational support to the program units of Extension and International Programs. I oversee academic operations, calendaring, class scheduling, and room scheduling for all of EIP’s programs and classes, as well as the university’s winter and summer sessions.
  • What is the best place that you’ve traveled to? Prince Edward Island (PEI), located off the eastern coast of Canada. It’s a beautiful place, and is the inspiration for Anne of Green Gables (one of my all-time favorite movies).

Stay tuned for next month’s edition of “Get to Know EIP,” which will feature two more EIP team members!

To learn more about the various programs offered through CSUF EIP, please visit We’re here to help you reach your learning and development goals.

Charis Hill