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Titan Spotlight

Going Down the Rabbit Hole With Alumnus Kaveh Zamanian

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More than 150 alumni and guests gathered at Cal State Fullerton’s Golleher Alumni House Jan. 27 to participate in an event featuring alumnus Kaveh Zamanian and his Rabbit Hole Distillery. In addition to tasting his one-of-a-kind straight bourbon and rye whiskeys, guests were able to view the Kentucky distillery with a live virtual tour provided by his staff. Guests walked way with a deeper understanding of the distillery process.

Zamanian earned his degree in psychology from Cal State Fullerton in 1988. His true calling was set into motion when he met and fell in love with his wife, Heather, a native of Louisville. It was then that Zamanian’s passion for America’s native spirit took hold, leading him to ultimately step away from a successful career as a clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst to start his own spirits company. Zamanian and his family moved to Kentucky, where Rabbit Hole came to life. Driven by the desire to put Rabbit Hole at the forefront of the American spirits category, he put everything on the line to start a spirit brand that would do just that.

Melissa Martinez