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Pollak Library Presents: Faculty NoonTime Talks: “The Remarkable Life of Alexander Grothendieck”

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The Faculty Noontime Talks continue on February 14  with Tommy Murphy from the Department of Mathematics.  His presentation focuses on “The Remarkable Life of Alexander Grothendieck.  Grothendieck, a renowned mathematician, died in 2014, after a truly extraordinary life.  A refugee during World War II, he rose from humble beginnings to become a dominant  force in mathematics. His outspoken pacificism and environmental concerns led him to renounce academia and his life’s work, and live in complete isolation for almost 25 years while many people searched for him.

This presentation will tell the story of Grothendieck’s life, discuss some of his intellectual contributions, and consider questions he posed concerning the ethics and purpose of a life in academia.

If you are interested in this presentation, please email for zoom information.

Joy Sage