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Student Researchers Compete at 38th Annual CSU Research Competition

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Eleven students, including six first-generation college students, represented Cal State Fullerton at the 38th Annual California State University Student Research Competition in San Luis Obispo. The 10 presentations spanned a wide variety of disciplines across campus.

Undergraduate students Valeria Reyes Bastidas, Andrea Caliz and Juliet Levya presented two talks on their infant mobility research, which was conducted in CSUF’s Motor Behavior Lab. Within the College of Engineering and Computer Science, undergraduate students Alexis Gopaul, Ha Le and Zoie Nunez presented three talks focused on developing more sustainable and durable concrete. Engineering graduate students Chirag Chetan and Fernando Garcia presented their thesis projects on developing 3D-printed, biodegradable ureteral stints and developing strategies to mitigate 5G signal blockage in smart manufacturing environments.

Graduating senior Tanner Megna represented the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, presenting his work on determining the underlying mechanism for the light-driven activation of photobases. Minh Bui, a graduating senior in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, presented his work, which develops two grammatical measures of developmental language disorder. Finally, graduating doctoral student in education Tiffanie Lau presented her thesis on how students with disabilities complete transfer-level math.

The team was supported by Binod Tiwari, associate vice president for research and sponsored projects, and Andrew Petit, associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry. The Undergraduate Research Opportunity Center provided resources for travel.

This student team embodied the best of undergraduate and graduate research at CSUF. This is especially true for Levya, whose presentation entitled, “Infant Movement Frequency and Duration Within the First Year of Life: A Longitudinal Case Study” earned an honorable mention.

The student team includes:

  • Minh Bui, communicative disorders: “A Further Look Into Two Grammatical Measures and Their Contribution to the Diagnostic Process” with faculty adviser Hyekeung Seun, chair and professor of communication sciences and disorders
  • Valeria Reyes Bastidas, kinesiology and child and adolescent studies: “Investigation of Infant Postural Duration, Frequency and Milestones During the First Year of Life” with faculty adviser Do Kyeong Lee, associate professor of kinesiology
  • Chirag Chetan, mechanical engineering: “Study on Advancing Biodegradable Ureteral Stent Using 3D Printing Technology” with faculty adviser Sagil James, associate professor of mechanical engineering
  • Fernando Garcia, mechanical engineering: “Explorative Study on Overcoming Blockage Challenges Within 5G Environments for Advancing Smart Manufacturing” with faculty adviser James
  • Alexis Gopaul, civil engineering: “Innovative Service Life Modeling for Computation of Corrosion Propagation Time in Concrete” with faculty adviser Pratanu Ghosh, professor of civil and environmental engineering
  • Tiffanie Lau, educational leadership: “How Students With Disabilities Complete Transfer-Level Math: A Convergent Mixed Methods Study” with faculty adviser Carol Lundberg, professor of educational leadership
  • Ha Le, civil engineering: “Addressing ASR Challenges in Concrete Through Cutting-Edge High-Performance Concrete” with faculty adviser Ghosh
  • Juliet Levya, kinesiology: “Infant Movement Frequency and Duration Within the First Year of Life: A Longitudinal Case Study” with faculty adviser Lee
  • Tanner Megna, chemistry: “Relief of Excited-State Anti-Aromaticity Drives Photobasicity” with faculty adviser Petit
  • Zoie Nunez, civil engineering: “Computation of Concrete Cover Cracking Time for Various High-Performance Concrete Mixtures” with faculty adviser Ghosh

Nicole Bonuso