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Supporting Safety for Titans to Thrive

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A New University Policing Paradigm: Holistic Safety through a Tiered Response

“Progress is impossible without genuine and transparent change,” said Anthony Frisbee as he met with Titans after being appointed chief of police at Cal State Fullerton.

Frisbee and the Cal State Fullerton Police Department (CSUF PD) team have embarked on a journey to become the model of policing within the CSU system and nationally by listening to the community and implementing tangible structural changes to enhance safety for all Titans. Together, they are deconstructing the historic safety system at the university, which relies upon the police to respond to non-violent and non-criminal calls for service.

Circle graph with "holistic tiered-safety response" in the middle and other aspects of the tiered response branching off.

This academic year, they are introducing two new transformational safety tiers at CSUF, including the newly developed campus safety specialists (unarmed civilians) and the CAPS Crisis Mobile Response team. The safety professionals will begin responding to calls, not involving violence or crime, to assist the CSUF police officers who responded to over 8,500 calls-for-service, including more than 3,000 emergency (911) calls already this year.

  • CSUF PD campus safety specialists (CSS), are unarmed full-time personnel, who will respond to calls-for-service such as door unlocks, building checks, safety escorts, noise complaints, mental health crisis, and much more. The new CSS team members are receiving advanced training in crisis response, de-escalation, communication, and DEI.
  • Additionally, in collaboration with CSUF Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS), a new CAPS Crisis Mobile Response team is being established to respond to Titans in crisis on campus. The team will be led by a CAPS licensed professional staff member and supported by a campus safety specialist. CAPS is recruiting two new mobile crisis response professionals to start responding in 2024.

The CSUF PD team of officers, dispatchers, campus safety specialists, administrative support, and student community service officers are honored to serve more than 41,000 students and an additional 4,000 faculty and staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They are dedicated to partnering with students, staff, and faculty to support a safe, inclusive, and welcoming university for Titans to Thrive.

For information about their programs and services, follow them @CSUFPD or visit


Marissa Garza