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Tracking Student Success Beyond Graduation CSUF Alumni Outcomes Dashboard

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College student success has traditionally been measured through graduation rates and time to completion. However, a present-day cultural shift has called for expanding student success measures to consider what happens to alumni after graduation. Questions such as, “Who employs alumni?”, “Are alumni working in their field of study?” or “How much are alumni earning?” are becoming critical points in measuring student success, as well as in a student’s decision to enroll at a specific institution or program. 

Utilizing the data available through Economic Modeling Specialists International (EMSI) and Burning Glass, Cal State Fullerton’s Office of Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness (OAIE) built a CSUF alumni dashboard containing data from 1963, CSUF’s first graduating class. The user-friendly dashboard allows CSUF internal users to find specific details about alumni such as their current employer, job titles, and skills alumni are using in their careers. Additionally, the data can be filtered by specific colleges, degree level, race, gender, and more. This data can further support the university’s efforts to foster student success long after graduation, such as curriculum planning, marketing, and establishing employer partnerships. Below are a few campus-wide alumni data points you can find in the dashboard.

Alumni Overview: Matched Graduates (i.e., verified alumni who have a professional online profile) between 2018-2020 from all Colleges.

Total Matched Alumni: 15,921                              
Employed in Field of Study: 57.27% (9,119)
Employed out of Field of Study: 27.29% (4,346)
Other: 15,52% (2,456)

Top Occupations:
Postsecondary Teachers (COTA, EDU, HHD, HSS, NSM)
Marketing Managers (COMM)
Accountants and Auditors (CBE)
Software Developers and Analysts (ECS)

Top Employers Beyond CSUF: 
Kaiser Permanente
The Walt Disney Company, Inc.

Common Skills for the colleges (based on alumni self-reported internet profile):
Strategic Planning
Data Analysis

The OAIE, the Division of Information Technology, and all nine colleges recently partnered to develop college-specific and campus-wide digital signage to share the alumni data across campus. The digital signs are intended to inform students and campus visitors of college-specific alumni outcomes and promote the dashboard to faculty and staff. Digital signs will be displayed on digital display screens near each college’s campus location.

For more information on CSUF’s Alumni Outcomes and to view the dashboard, please visit the OAIE EMSI website. For questions, contact OAIE by emailing or calling x2593.

Deanna Gomez