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What is CSUF EIP? Meet Two of the Members Behind This Team

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Cal State Fullerton Extension and International Programs, or CSUF EIP, is a team that is dedicated to meeting the professional and educational needs of CSUF,  the surrounding Southern California community and the global workforce. They offer numerous resources for every stage of life, including online degree completion, professional development certificates, flexible master’s programs, active senior programs, international programs, a fully accredited arboretum and more.

But who are the people behind CSUF EIP? How do they help the community succeed? Check out these interviews with 2 of the team members from the EIP Marketing & Communications department to find out.

Meet Corey!

Where are you from? Yorba Linda. I was born and raised in Southern California for eight years and then grew up in NorCal for 10 years before finally coming back to SoCal. Really, I am a California Girl!

What’s your position title? Marketing and Communications Project Lead

Tell us a little more about what you do for EIP. I work with our team to manage marketing and communication projects for various areas within EIP, such as professional development, International Students Services (ISS), University Semester Abroad (USA), educator programs and online learning.

What was your favorite thing you did over the holiday break? Visiting Disney World with the family.

Meet Rachelle!

“Pronounced ‘Ray-chul.’ I get ‘Ra-shelle’ a lot because of how it’s spelled. My parents just had to spell it differently. Anyway…”

Where are you from? I was born in SoCal, but my parents are from the Philippines so I’m Filipino-American. Fun fact: I did partly grow up in Colorado (I was there for 7 1/2 years!), but then came back here to California before my junior year of high school. 

What’s your position title? Web Designer/Developer.

Tell us a little more about what you do for EIP. I work with the EIP Marketing & Communications team to design and build websites, emails and ads, as well as both print and digital flyers and signage. Primarily anything web and print, I have most likely been involved in—from ensuring all our webpages are error-free and optimized for all devices, to designing easy to read freeway signs off the 57 freeway, and materializing the Fullerton Arboretum truck wrap and honey jar label. I am also starting to dabble more in video editing and Google Analytics. Looking forward, a goal is to make the experience more interactive for our users.

What was your favorite thing you did over the holiday break? For me, the coolest thing that happened was petting one of our cats, Emily. (Another fun fact: I have six cats. But I do live with my family, so I don’t think I’m quite a crazy cat lady?) It sounds mundane, but it was really groundbreaking because when we took her in a couple years ago, she was a feral mom who had lost her litter of kittens, and it took a lot of time for her to calm down and really get comfortable with us. Until recently, we would use a wooden scratcher stick to pet her from a distance. It was around these last holidays when she finally developed that trust to let us pet her with our hands…now she can’t get enough love and petting. Next step: picking her up and introducing her to her sister from another mister, Holly! The joining of the two cats in one room is set to happen this summer. So there’s ample time to take it slow and at their comfort levels. It’s just so cool what time and patience can do!

Stay tuned for next month’s edition of “Get to Know EIP,” which will feature 2 more team members from another department!

If you’re ready to join one of our various programs or you need more information, please visit We’re here to help you reach your learning and development goals.

Debbie Vengco