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President’s Scholars Honored

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Fifteen President’s Scholars will be graduating this year — continuing a tradition that began 36 years ago when Cal State Fullerton began the merit-based program.

This week, those graduating scholars were honored for their achievements, and the incoming class of scholars was introduced at the President’s Scholars Recognition Reception.

“We want to take this chance to congratulate our graduating scholars, welcome our new President’s Scholars and let you know how grateful we are that you have taken this educational journey with us,” said Berenecea Johnson Eanes, vice president for student affairs. “This is also our chance to thank all of those who have helped you on this journey — our donors, administrators, faculty, staff and friends.”

Cal State Fullerton’s President’s Scholars spend up to four years in a comprehensive, rigorous program that offers experiences and opportunities in academics, leadership, service and mentorship.

“Over the past few years, I’ve been blessed to have a President’s Scholar working as a student assistant in my office,” said CSUF President Mildred García. “She is a constant reminder of how high the President’s Scholars set the bar for themselves and, in turn, the rest of the Titan community.

“About a month ago, I noticed she seemed stressed, and when asked about it, she admitted that one of her midterms has been so hard; she thought she was going to get the first ‘B’ of her otherwise straight ‘A’ college career. A few days later, when one of my staff members asked her about her grade, she sheepishly admitted she got an ‘A+.’

“Suffice it to say, our President’s Scholars are pretty special, and they bring this same humble approach to perfection in everything they do.”

This year’s graduating class of President’s Scholars had an average GPA of 3.85. The incoming class of freshman scholars has an average GPA of 4.28, and the Veteran Transfer Scholars, coming from community colleges, have an average GPA of 3.86.

President’s Scholars provided 2,674 hours of community service this year and had a nearly 100 percent rate of involvement in student organizations or colleges. Almost a third of the scholars also work on-campus.

The 2015 graduating class of President’s Scholars are:
Neha Ansari (B.S. biochemistry, magna cum laude)
Alexis Bueno Correa (B.S. biological science, summa cum laude)
Leah Espinoza (B.A. business administration, cum laude)
Allison Fukano (B.A. business administration, summa cum laude)
Samantha Galarza (B.A. communications, magna cum laude)
Janelle Gumayagay (B.A. communicative disorders, summa cum laude)
Linda Hoang (B.A. communications and political science, summa cum laude)
Michael Jenkins (B.S. biological science, magna cum laude)
Tyler Kaplan (B.S. civil engineering, summa cum laude)
Jason Khoo (B.A. business administration, summa cum laude)
Alexandra Lithgow (B.A. communicative disorders, summa cum laude)
Tabatha Maddox (B.S. human services, summa cum laude)
Hannah Martin (B.A. English, summa cum laude)
Jason Sterris (B.A. psychology, summa cum laude)
Cynthia Washicko (B.A. political science and communications, summa cum laude)

Janelle Gumayagay and Tabatha Maddox were selected as the recipients of the Verne Wagner Passion Award, named for Class of ’77 alumna Verne Wagner, a longtime supporter and donor, who also serves on the President’s Scholars Selection Committee. The recipients of the award are selected based on their commitment to the President’s Scholars program, leadership, community service and involvement on campus.