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Titan Leads by Example Using Adaptive Software

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“My time here at Cal State Fullerton has given me the chance to help and mentor others, and I have learned that it takes a Titan to face the toughest challenges.”

— Josephine Hernandez, communications and American studies double major.

My name is Josephine Hernandez, but I like to be called Joey for short. My experience at Cal State Fullerton has allowed me to reach new heights that I never thought possible. I help prospective students and their families learn about the university while leading them on tours as a campus tour guide.

I learned about the Orientation and Recruitment program through my older sister Christine, who is also a Titan. That’s when I started reaching out and getting involved in campus programs.

I am partially blind, so working as a tour guide has allowed me to perfect the art of welcoming new Titans to the campus, while simultaneously using my walking cane.

In high school, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to graduate. I started losing my vision my sophomore year. Over the course of a few months, I went from having average vision, to being legally blind. That term can be confusing for some, so I use the term partially blind.

I have found leadership opportunities at Cal State Fullerton, and I have great mentors who have pointed me in the direction of campus resources like the Diversity Initiatives and Resource Center. Another resource that has helped me in my academics is the Pollak Library computers that come equipped with screen readers and adaptive software.

Joey hopes to teach other visually impaired people how to travel independently as a mobility instructor after she graduates in spring 2021. She plans to pursue a Master’s in Special Education with a specialization in Orientation and Mobility.