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5 Reasons You Should Enroll in Summer Session

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Registration is now open for Summer Session 2022 at Cal State Fullerton! Here are 5 reasons why you should consider enrolling in summer classes:

  • Lighter Courseload During Fall and Spring

When it comes to graduating in 4 years, 15 units a semester can get stressful, especially if you have other responsibilities to balance. Summer Session is the perfect solution to stay on track for graduation while enjoying a lighter courseload. You can take some of the classes that you would have taken during the academic year over the summer instead, so your units are spread out.

Charis Hill, a senior at Cal State Fullerton, shared, “During my sophomore year I felt burned out and had to withdraw from a few classes. I still wanted to graduate in 4 years, so over the summer, I retook those classes that I withdrew from. Thanks to CSUF Summer Session, I’m still on track to graduate this May!”

  • Get the Classes You Need

Were you waitlisted for a class during the fall or spring? Or is there a class you need to re-take? Now is your chance to take that class during the summer without having to delay graduation by another semester!

  • Complete an Internship

Do you have an internship requirement for your major? You can complete it during Summer Session! Interning during the summer can be less stressful than interning during the fall or spring because you’ll have a more flexible, open schedule will fewer classes to balance. This will give you extra time and energy to dedicate to the internship.

  • Online, Hybrid, and In-Person Options

If you prefer the convenience of virtual learning, Summer Session offers online courses. You can take classes at home, or even from a hotel room if you’re traveling on vacation. If you learn better in a classroom environment, there are also hybrid and in-person options. The Summer Session 2022 class schedule is approximately 40% in-person classes and 60% online or hybrid classes.

  • Smaller Class Size

Summer Session classes are usually smaller. This makes it easier to pay attention in lectures, connect with classmates, and meet with your professor one-on-one to ask questions. Also, if you take an in-person class, you don’t have to worry about fighting for good parking spots.

So, are you ready to enroll for Summer Session 2022? Here is some helpful information to get you started:

Financial Aid: To view your options and eligibility, visit

Debbie Vengco