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Coding Boot Camp Instructor Shares Insight and Advice for Students

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This summer, Cal State Fullerton (CSUF) Extension and International Programs (EIP) launched a coding boot camp for students of the Accelerated Master’s in Software Engineering (AMSE) program. The boot camp has been a success so far, and it will continue to be offered in future summers.

We interviewed instructor Merlina Ambati to learn more about this exciting new course and how it benefits students.

What will students learn in this coding boot camp?

“In this coding boot camp, we introduce MEAN Stack, which stands for MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, and Node.js. The curriculum is designed for beginners who are learning to code. It introduces the concept of Full Stack Development. Since Full Stack Development has a lot of different software, we chose to go with MEAN Stack because that’s one of the most popularly used software. 

“Students learn how to build APIs and backend for an app…and they learn about dynamic and responsive front-end user interfaces. They also learn how to integrate all of these different components to create one full web application.

“We are not just focusing on the theory, but we’re also focusing on building hands-on projects. With every class, we try to come up with certain examples and students go through how to solve those examples.”

What are typical career paths for students?

“As this boot camp is a MEAN Stack boot camp, where we learn Full Stack Web Development, students can typically get into Full Stack Developer roles, which is anybody with knowledge about front-end development and back-end development. If they think they’re good with front-end, they can just apply for front-end development. Or (if) they are inclined towards back-end development, they can get into those roles as well.”

What advice do you have for students entering the boot camp?

“Staying confident through the learning process and practicing regularly is very important.

“I also think collaborating and communicating with other students in the boot camp, trying to ask each other questions, trying to troubleshoot each other’s problems, and working together to build portfolios is important.

“Also ask for feedback. Try to do something new, then go back to your teachers, use your network and online forums, and ask for feedback. That’s a healthy way to expand your knowledge.

“And most important is staying passionate. The passion for coding is something that will keep you motivated and encourage you to understand different technologies.”

This coding boot camp is offered for students of the Accelerated Master’s in Software Engineering (AMSE) program. Learn more about the AMSE program at

Charis Hill