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Titan Spotlight

CSUF Goes Global

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Monique LeFeuvre, a former study abroad student and Cal State Fullerton (CSUF) alumni, has received an admissions offer from the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) for their master’s program in international studies. 

As an undergrad, Monique participated in CSUF’s Study Abroad & Global Engagement Program (SAGE), which allowed her to travel to another country and take classes for her Bachelor’s degree. Following her study abroad adventures, she also volunteered as a Global Titan Ambassador (GTA). The GTA team is a group of Study Abroad & Global Engagement alumni who are passionate about sharing their experiences to inspire other Titans to study abroad.

Aileen Vickory, SAGE Advisor, emphasized the value of becoming a Global Titan Ambassador after completing a study abroad program. “It is well documented and understood that returning from a study abroad program can be an alienating experience. When a student returns from studying abroad, they have had adventures, made friends, grown significantly, and lived a life not many can relate to. They will want to talk about and share those experiences with others because it was such an important event in their lives.”

The GTA program is mutually beneficial because it allows GTA students to share their stories, and it also gives study abroad students who are excited, curious, or even hesitant about attending classes in a whole different country a chance to ask questions.

“It’s helpful for the prospective SAGE student because they have a peer mentor and guide on their own journey to study abroad, and it is therapeutic and a form of professional development for the GTA,” said Aileen. “They know they’ve helped a student fulfill a dream or goal to see the world.”

Monique will now be fulfilling her own dreams and goals as she moves on to attend grad school in Canada. From her beginnings as a study abroad student to volunteering as a Global Titan Ambassador, her hard work certainly paid off.

Are you interested in starting your own study abroad journey or becoming a Global Titan Ambassador? Scholarships are available. For information and resources, visit

Debbie Vengco