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Earn Your Master’s Degree on a Flexible Schedule

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Did you know there are master’s programs available at Cal State Fullerton (CSUF) that offer more flexibility? Extension & International Programs (EIP) has partnered with the University’s academic departments and colleges to create programs that include options for evening classes, part-time, and even an accelerated schedule.

EIP’s Senior Director, Karen McKinley, offered, “Our array of part-time and accelerated master’s programs were developed by our CSUF faculty with the working professional and those looking to upskill in mind, They provide flexibility for those with various commitments. They are alternatives to programs that follow a more traditional schedule.”

If you’re looking to earn a Master’s degree and need something that will work around your busy schedule, choose from one of four programs offered through EIP: 

  • Accelerated MS in Software Engineering (AMSE): A 1.5-year, full-time program for aspiring software engineers or managers.
  • Fully Employed MBA (FEMBA): A 3-year, part-time program that allows you to continue working full-time while pursuing an MBA to further your leadership skills.
  • Master of Social Work Flex (MSW Flex): A 3-year, part-time program that prepares you to take on leadership roles in public social service organizations. These have conveniently-scheduled evening classes.
  • MS in Counseling: A 3-year, part-time cohort program that prepares you to work in a variety of environments such as schools or mental health

A fifth program, Accelerated MS in Applied Computer Science, will be accepting applications in Fall 2023 and the program will begin Fall 2024.

How are these programs similar to the full-time programs?

  • The faculty teaching these programs are the same.
  • You will earn the same degree. 
  • You will walk in the same graduation ceremony.

How do these programs differ from their full-time counterparts?

  • The timeframe may be accelerated or a bit longer to accommodate working professionals with personal and professional commitments.
  • The program functions in a cohort model that offers the ability to network and build strong relationships with fellow students during the entire program.
  • A set schedule provides guaranteed seats.

Check with your Human Resources department and inquire about tuition reimbursement. Often, these budgeted funds go unused. So, are you ready to earn a master’s degree? Choose your path at

Debbie Vengco