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Gender in Children’s Programming: CSUF Marketing Experts Examine This Complex and Converging Trend

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Children’s cartoons may seem to be just Saturday morning fun for Generations Alpha and Z, but the emotions showcased in gender representation in media targeted toward boys and girls is an important factor in the values formation of the men and women of tomorrow.

Eric Setten and Steven Chen, both fathers and marketing experts at Cal State Fullerton’s College of Business and Economics, resolved to better understand the emotional tone of children’s media by target gender.

Their study, “Playing With Emotions: Text Analysis of Emotional Tones in Gender-Casted Children’s Media,” forthcoming in the Journal of Business Researchprovides an accessible and thorough look at the emotions promoted in gender-directed media, and how this is changing over time.

Thanks to a partnership between the California State University Libraries Network and scholarly journal giant Elsevier, the study has free access, enabling public access and discussion.

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Daniel Coats