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Incorporating Games for School and Workplace Learning

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Have you heard of game-based learning (GBL)? It’s a method that utilizes the interactive and competitive features of games for educational and professional development. 

In a world where virtual work and instruction are becoming more common, this is a valuable tool that can positively impact students and employees alike. It’s important for both current and aspiring educators, administrators, corporate trainers, counselors, instructional designers, and human resources professionals to understand this growing field.

“Because there are relatively so few experts in game-based learning, the demand for people with GBL expertise can position them to become the leaders of pedagogy and curriculum in schools, higher education, and the public/private sector,” says Randall Fujimoto, a designer for GameTrain Learning, Inc. and instructor in the Game-Based Learning microcredential program at Cal State Fullerton.

What are “microcredentials?” They are earned by completing microcourses, which last only 3-4 weeks long, each one focusing on a particular subject of study. The Cal State Fullerton Game-Based Learning microcredential program has three microcourses.

“Each GBL microcredential allows participants to learn about a specific GBL area, including games for learning and skills development, game design projects, escape games, new media immersive games, and gamification, in a time-efficient, flexible, and affordable manner,” says Randall.

The entire program of three microcourses takes 10 weeks to complete, or you may also take the courses individually. With each course that is successfully completed, you will earn a digital badge. These highly coveted credentials can be displayed on your resume, online portfolio, website, LinkedIn, and other social media pages. This helps you stand out to recruiters by showing a visual representation of the skills you’ve acquired.

Set yourself apart and become an expert in this developing field of game-based learning! Visit our website to learn more about the game-based learning microcredential program at Cal State Fullerton.

Debbie Vengco