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Mechanical Engineering Professor Publishes Article on Volumetric 3D Printing

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An article “Preliminary study on volumetric 3D printing using visible light” was published online in The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology (Springer Nature) on Nov. 30. The study, by Sagil James, associate professor of mechanical engineering, and Joel Zarate, a graduate student, investigated the feasibility of a novel manufacturing process, the Visible Light–Induced–Volumetric 3D Printing (VLI-V3DP) process, which is a low-cost, energy-efficient, high-precision, and ultrafast manufacturing solution to fabricate a wide range of multi-material 3D structures. The study used low energy light source (visible light) to perform volumetric 3D printing of a broad range of polymer-based multi-material 3D structures.

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Sagil James