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Not admitted to CSUF? You can still take classes!

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Open University (OU) is a program that allows students who are not currently admitted to Cal State Fullerton to take the same undergraduate or graduate-level classes that an enrolled student does.

According to Open University advisor Margaret Luzzi, many types of individuals can benefit from this program, including those who:

  • Need to complete academic credit courses for professional reasons
  • Are planning to transfer to an undergraduate program
  • Need to complete prerequisites for a graduate degree or professional program
  • Have been academically disqualified from CSUF and need to raise their GPA to be re-admitted
  • Stopped out and need to finish credits for their degree
  • Are international students participating in the University Semester Abroad (USA) Program

Suzanne Batista, another OU advisor, added that she sees Open University as “a stepping stone for individuals to advance and move forward in taking their next step.” 

“In summer, we see students from other universities take courses at CSUF via OU,” said Suzanne, “because CSUF offers a course they need in an earlier sequence than their home institution, which allows them to step up progress towards a degree. We also see an increase in students that are admitted for a future fall term and are excited to get started. It’s a great opportunity to begin exploring course offerings and experience our great faculty.”

No matter where you’re from or what stage you’re at in your educational career, you are welcome to enroll for Open University at Cal State Fullerton. If you’d like to take courses during Fall 2022, enrollment is now open. Learn more at

Debbie Vengco