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Communications Grad Takes on Hollywood, Lands Job at Paramount Pictures

Class of 2024 Grad Mingyu Wu Develops Marketing Content for Feature Films like ‘Mean Girls’
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Describing himself as a “YouTube kid,” Mingyu Wu said he’s always gravitated toward pop culture and entertainment.

“I was the kid who wanted to talk about the newest movie or musical performance,” said the Cal State Fullerton Class of 2024 grad. 

Growing up in the Bay Area, Wu looked for colleges that not only fit his passion for film and music, but also offered opportunities that would help him break into a competitive industry. He found his place in CSUF’s communications department. 

Through student organizations like Entertainment & Tourism Club and Music Industry Club, Wu gained crucial leadership skills, bolstered his communications portfolio and networked with industry professionals. 

Mingyu Wu with a group of students in CSUF's Music Industry Club, standing in a a room in front of a projector screen that shows pictures of the event's panelists.
Mingyu Wu, Class of 2024 communications grad, with CSUF’s Music Industry Club (Courtesy of Mingyu Wu)

These experiences helped land him internships with top companies, including Paramount Pictures, Live Nation Entertainment, NBCUniversal, and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. 

“When I applied to my first internship with Paramount Pictures, my resume only had my school activities. I’m really thankful for my extracurriculars at CSUF because I felt like they made me stand out,” said Wu. 

Mingyu Wu standing in front of Paramount Pictures
Mingyu Wu, communications grad (Courtesy of Mingyu Wu)

After completing his bachelor’s degree in communications this winter, Wu was offered a full-time position as an executive assistant for Paramount Pictures, working with its home entertainment digital marketing team. 

Now in the center of Hollywood, he and his team are responsible for marketing films after their theatrical releases. This includes writing copy for captions, promoting DVD and digital releases, and planning creative social media content for famous films like the 2024 release of “Mean Girls.”

“Paramount also has a very massive catalog of films. We have more than 1,000 films, so we sometimes pick things up from there and find ways to bring those movies back to the public. I’m very fortunate that my role allows me to be creative and come up with some of these ideas.”

The Road to Hollywood

In high school, Wu’s planner was filled with leadership meetings and extracurricular activities. When he arrived at CSUF, he knew he wanted to continue that high level of campus involvement. 

“During my first year, the pandemic shutdown happened, but I didn’t let that deter me. I went to a lot of club events online, and that was my little peek into what college life could be,” said Wu, who was inspired to get involved with such campus organizations as Music Industry Club, Business Inter-Club Council, Entertainment & Tourism Club, the Associated Students Inc. street team, and CSUF Housing and Residential Engagement. 

Wu spent over two years with the Music Industry Club, helping plan panels that featured industry professionals and artists, and serving as the club’s president. He said this experience taught him the importance of interpersonal communication and how to effectively lead a team of creative individuals.

Mingyu Wu on the red carpet at the Academy Awards
Mingyu Wu, communications grad (Courtesy of Mingyu Wu)

Though he was originally interested in pursuing a career in music marketing, Wu said he had ample opportunities on campus to explore his interests and find what fits him best. It was the Entertainment & Tourism Club that turned his head to film. 

For almost two decades, the club has helped students network and learn from industry professionals. In addition to visiting top companies and participating in panel discussions, club members also attend various industry events, including the Critics’ Choice Awards, the Golden Globes and more. 

Wu, who served as marketing director for the club, carried this experience into his first internship as a creative content intern for Paramount Pictures, where he developed a marketing campaign project, brainstormed content promotion for upcoming projects and worked on such films as “Smile,” “Dungeons & Dragons” and “Sonic 2.”

“Mingyu has proven himself both inside the classroom as an outstanding student and through his many ventures as a student organization leader and volunteer in activities on and off our campus,” said Waleed Rashidi, associate professor of communications and adviser for the Entertainment & Tourism Club. 

Mingyu Wu with characters from "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"
Mingyu Wu, Class of 2024 communications grad, with characters from “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” (Courtesy of Mingyu Wu)

After completing his first internship with Paramount, Wu went on to work as a tour marketing intern for Live Nation Entertainment and a global talent development and inclusion intern for NBCUniversal before returning to Paramount as a digital marketing intern his senior year. For his excellence in marketing and creativity, Paramount Pictures nominated Wu for Academy Gold, a talent development program hosted by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. 

“I think my internship experiences really helped me land my first full-time role with Paramount Pictures,” said Wu. “I also have a lot of appreciation for my classes, professors and campus activities because they played a huge role in shaping my professional journey.”

Taylor Arrey