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CSUF Dancers, Choreographers Selected to Present at American College Dance Association Baja Region Conference

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The American College Dance Association Baja Region held its conference in January at Cal State Dominguez Hills, where two Cal State Fullerton dance works were selected out of more than 40 choreographies: “Temiqui,” choreographed by B.F.A. dance student Erik James, and “Tesoro,” choreographed by CSUF professor of dance Alvin Rangel-Alvarado and guest choreographer Edgar Aguirre.

CSUF dancers and choreographers were thrilled to be recognized by ACDA and its Baja Region adjudicators. They praised the dancers’ versatility, strength, technique and artistry, remarking they were well-trained in a variety of dance forms.

Since 1971, ACDA has supported and affirmed dance in higher education by fostering creative potential, honoring scholarly and creative activities, promoting excellence in choreography and performance, and giving presence and value to diversity in dance.

The CSUF works presented at the annual conference were rooted in African diaspora, contemporary and modern dance techniques. In “Temiqui,” James along with dancers Lulu Arellano, Cassandra Alvarado, Daphne Hu, Madeleine Lindbeck, Audrey Luna and Abby Smelko presented a moving work that spoke to the struggle of migrants everywhere. James noted, “‘Temiqui’ is the Nahuatl [indigenous Mexican] word for dream, deriving from the word ‘miqui’ which means to die…implying to dream is to die. Many people risk their lives by leaving their homes and entering unknown worlds built against them, with nothing but a dream for something better.”

“Tesoro” centers and celebrates the Afro-Latin diaspora through dance and music. Dancers for “Tesoro” included Cassandra Alvarado, Lulu Arellano, Yasmina Devos, Audrey Luna, Jessie Mercado, Natalie Sandoval and Abby Smelko.

View the complete list of colleges and universities selected for the paper gala during the American College Dance Association Baja Region conference.

Mark your calendars to see CSUF choreographers and dancers later this semester in “Spring Dance Theatre,” coordinated by Joshua D. Estrada. “Spring Dance Theatre” runs May 2–11 on campus in the Little Theatre (Clayes Performing Arts Center).

Heather Richards-Siddons